The Agility Trading Difference

A quantitative approach to trading, relying heavily on research and historical market data. The Agility Trading Strategy can be a valuable component for any wealth portfolio protection plan with the goal of providing capital appreciation and appealing risk adjusted returns.

About Us

The Agility Trading Strategy is a precise research driven investment program designed with the goal of participating when the S&P 500 equity market performs well, while at the same time, providing downside protection when the equity market experiences painful selloffs. Participation in the Agility Trading Strategy can be accomplished through The Agility Trading Fund or in a separately managed account.

Agility Trading Strategy Goals

At Agility Trading our goal is to participate when equity markets rally while providing downside protection when markets experience painful selloffs. Our proprietary trading algorithms center around trading the most liquid exchange traded futures contracts.


What makes Agility Trading’s Strategy so effective is its components‘ distribution of correlation to the S&P500.